Blender Renaissance's Motion Graphics Kit

Blender Renaissance
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Blender Renaissance's Motion Graphics Kit:

  • Instead of paying for each individual product, you get access to my collection of assets. 

  • For Commercial and personal use

  • New Assets every month

  • The assets can be downloaded and kept forever. 

  • You can request new assets through my email, if enough people requested it, I will make it.

  • Quick support regarding products

  • Multi-platform support (Mac OS, Linux, Windows) It works for Mac OS and linux too. Unlike After-Effects or Premiere-pro, Blender has native support for Linux. In fact, Rendering is faster on Linux than on Windows. This product itself was made on ubuntu.

Want to try a free demo before buying? Click here

Or here if the above link doesn't work

As of right now, the kit contains,

  1. 10 Transition nodes for blender worth 10 USD

  2. 25 Professional Titles for blender worth 16 USD

  3. My Notes on Earning Money with Blender (ebook) worth 16 USD

  4. Deform Modifier Stack Tutorial: (Part 1) worth 5 USD

  5. 1 Royalty free soundtrack worth 20 USD

You Pay = 6.99 USD / month


The iPod was put out of business by Apple's own iphone. Spotify made services like iTunes obsolete with its ad-supported model. The gun made all the swords and bows irrelevant.

Mark Cuban had a quote that said, (and I paraphrase) Try to think like a competitor, think about how you would put yourself out of business.

What is it in the blender ecosystem that may get obsolete in say 5-10 years?

I personally think it is the concept of selling digital products. I have sold a digital product in blender and I see the drawbacks of it as well.

I have to take a gamble based on my previous experiences in freelancing to decide on an idea of a product. The making of the product takes 2 months. I have to make a trailer and a copy (marketing text) of the product and sell it at one of the established sites and market it.
Even after all that, the product may fail and we get back to square one. Trying a new idea and seeing what works with the people. 

Once I started selling products, I felt like this was going to be irrelevant in the long run as well.

Who will buy my 25 title templates at 15$ at this point when they can get a huge catalogue of products for a set price every month ?

Peter Thiel in his book “Zero to One” has this quote in his first chapter, “The next google is not going to create a search engine”. The next breakout blender asset maker is not going to sell individual assets, case in point “Poliigon”.

This is the main reason why I am starting this subscription service. If this idea doesn't work, then I can always sell the individual assets as a product.

The one thing I learned in business is that a person is only going to pay you, if the finished product helps him earn money too. He should feel that he is getting a fair deal. If not money, it should help him earn something like fame. Basically, anything that makes him confident, peaceful and satisfied.

So here are the assets you will get if you subscribed to my service.


25 Professional Titles for Blender

  • Drag and edit text

  • Support for lower thirds

  • 1 CC0 music

  • 4 Fonts

  • 4K Background image

  • 4K Particle Animation

  • 16 sound effects

  • PDF / Video Training Tutorial

  • For Eevee / Cycles

    (Note: The product works on Blender 3.0, the trailer is for blender 2.79, rest assured you get the latest version with eevee support. You can try the demo if you want.)


10 Transition nodes for blender

  • 10 Transition nodes

  • No GPU required

  • 2 CC0 Images

  • 2 Sound effects

  • For Blender on Windows/Linux/Mac

  • Low System Requirements

  • Quick Support:


My Notes on Making Money with Blender

  • Notes on Freelancing

  • Notes on Selling Products

  • Notes on Subscription services

  • Bonus Chapters

  • For All CG skill levels


Deform Modifier Stack Tutorial: (Part 1)

The nature of these video makes it difficult to go in detail about each modifier. So I wrote a PDF explaining the first 8 deform modifiers in detail.

1 Royalty free soundtrack

I had bought all the right of a music track from a musician and I never got to use it.

So I am releasing this music in my Kit for your personal or commercial purposes.

All I ask is to not sell or distribute the solo track (without any video) to anyone as this will breach the conditions of this license.


  • What version of blender does this require?

It works on Blender 3.0x ,Blender 2.9x and Blender 2.8x

  • Are there more ways to contact you?



  • Does it work on Mac OS?

Yes. This product works on every platform that blender supports. Windows, Mac OS and Linux. In fact this product itself was made in Ubuntu.

  • What skill level does one require to use this product?

From the absolute beginner to Professional. All of them can use this product. 

  • Do I need any other software apart from blender?

No. Blender is all that you need.

  • Can I use a Nvidia GPU to render Professional Titles?

Yes. I have given an explanation in the training tutorial on how to achieve it. 

  • Does it have a refund guarantee?

There is a 30 day refund guarantee. However, Refunds are discretionary. That means, it will be decided on a case to case basis.

Before buying, please first try the demo so that you can get a general idea of the product.

After buying, contact me via the support inbox or email me at for any problem that you have.


Thanks for reading, here's a cat as a reward.

This product is not currently for sale.

You will get one new Blender Motion Graphics asset pack every month

$5.99 a month

Blender Renaissance's Motion Graphics Kit

0 ratings